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“No Pain is Permanent”

At Inca Klinik, we offer solutions to people who suffer from chronic and painful conditions of the brain, spine, and peripheral nerve. Our pain management doctors generally start with non-surgical treatments, such as drug therapy, physical and occupational therapy, injections, electrical stimulation, acupuncture, and biofeedback. If these options do not provide relief, neurosurgery will be the next step.

Our neurosurgeon Op. Dr. Kerem Bikmaz specializes in traditional and advanced procedures to treat patients with chronic pain. We first determine the source of your pain, then develop a targeted, individualized treatment plan. We work closely with pain management doctors to improve your quality of life by combining advanced imaging, clinical expertise, and surgical intervention.

Minimal Invasive Care

Non-surgery treatments for spinal problems include physical treatment, medical treatment and spinal injections

Backbone – Spinal Cord

INCA offers a wide range of non-surgery treatment options for spinal diseases and injuries.


We provide the least invasive but the most effective treatment approaches for brain diseases in our İstanbul Neurosurgery and Pain Center.

Ambulatory Surgeries

One of the key classifications is between traditio nal small molecule drugs; usually derived from chemical synthesis.


In our center, the examination and diagnosis of all the nervous system diseases including headaches, muscle weaknesses, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, motor disorders, Parkinson’s disease, tremor, demantial diseases are successfully carried out.

Pain Treatments

With our experience, we can manage to dramatically treat the pains of suitable patients with minimum side effects through spinal injections made under fluoroscopy

Keeping in mind the principle ‘No Pain Is Permanent‘ INCA has managed to introduce a new level to the treatment of pain and promises to sustain its efforts to improve your quality of living and always knows the importance of its responsibilities…

Op. Dr. Kerem BikmazThe founder of Inca

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