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No Pain Is Permanent…

Almost %80 of adults faces with waist and neck problems at some point. Without any exception, anyone such as women, men, young or old people can be affected. 

All the possible reasons that could lead to waist and neck pains (hernia, infection, dislocation, tumor, arthritis, mechanical reasons etc.) are evaluated through a detailed neurological examination and advanced diagnostic tests. All patients are definitely diagnosed and accordingly, the most suitable alternative treatment is applied.

INCA continues its studies with its mission policy to be a reference center in such fields as pain and neurosurgery which requires a high level of expertise and experience. INCA aims at using a combination of its expertise and experience with high-level medical technologies.

As well as its coordination with The Neurosurgery and Interventional Radiology Center at The University of Arkansas, Neurosurgery and Pain Center in The Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center and Pain Center in The Hospital of Morges in Switzerland, INCA has also provided a continuous exchange of staff with its partner center, Arkansas Neurosurgery Center. 

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